Mission Statement
Under Section 9 of the Trust Deed, the purpose of the Trust is: "The purpose of the Trust shall be to provide protection from the inadvertent application of tax to the VGFN Compensation assets, to ensure the prudent management of the Trust property and to provide independent administration, investment and custody thereof."

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Inception of the Trust:
July 1, 2004

Maxine Netro-Fehr - Secretary/Treasurer
Cheryl J. Charlie - Trustee
Tracy Bruce - Trustee
Shirlee Frost - Trustee
William Josie - Trustee

Protector of the Trust
Daryn R. Leas

Agents of the Trust:
Mike Vidricaire - Investment Advisor
Shaunessy Invesmtent Council - Investors
National Bank Correspondent Network - Custodian
Crow Mackay - Accountant
McKay and Associates - Auditor

Contact Information:

Vuntut Gwitchin Trust
Box 9
Old Crow, Yukon
Y1A 0K9

Phone: (867) 334-9947
E-mail: info@vuntut.com